Paintless Dent Removal

To book your free estimate, call 0161 483 0006 or
email [email protected]

To book your free estimate,
call 0161 483 0006 or
email [email protected]

Paintless Dent Removal, which is sometimes referred to as PDR, is a technical process by which dents are removed from the body of a vehicle, usually from the inside, in such a manner that the factory finish remains undamaged.

In order to practise PDR, a technician has to study the technique under expert tuition. This process can take several months due to the complexity of the craft of paintless dent removal.

When we perform PDR for our clients and customers we utilise a number of specialist tools which enable our technicians to effectively “massage” the dents out of the car’s body without the need to repaint the panel.

At ChipsAway Stockport, we are continually developing our PDR skills and exploring new ways in which we can improve the quality and efficiency of our service. This effort has resulted in our reputation within the industry as the dent masters!

Our reputation can be attributed to two factors. Firstly, we use bespoke PDR tools of the highest quality, developed at the cutting edge of technology. Secondly, our PDR Technicians are amongst the highest skilled in the car body repair industry.

Highest skilled technicians sounds a bit ambiguous, doesn’t it? How do we quantify this? Well, each of our technicians undergoes additional PDR training courses, which extend beyond the requirements laid out by the IMA QQA programme. This means that our new technicians spend over 5 months both training and gaining genuine field experience shadowing our existing technicians before working on a client’s vehicle.

What are the benefits of Paintless Dent Removal?

Cost Effective: When compared with traditional bodyshop methods, PDR is significantly cheaper, providing a cost effective means of removing dents from your car.

Helps To Maintain Residual Values: It has been consistently demonstrated that dents in a used car can reduce its overall value by a disproportionate 15%! Utilising PDR to remove any dents in your car prior to sale helps you claw back some of the residual value.

Quick, convenient and effective: In most cases Paintless Dent Removal can be performed on a car in less than an hour. Reducing the disruption to your life caused by the repair work.

Peace of mind: In using PDR to remove any dents from your vehicle you almost give the bodywork a service. Regular maintenance of your car means you can rest assured it will look and feel its best long after the day you proudly bought it.

Chips Away are based in Stockport and provide Paintless Dent Removal services to clients based throughout Manchester and the surrounding area. For further information about our service terms and costs, a member of our customer service team can be contacted by calling 0161 483 0006.