Act quickly

Stop a small scratch becoming a big issue

Save money long term

Maintain the value of your car


Don’t get caught out by that tiny scratch!

Are you going to let that tiny scratch on your car get bigger and de-value your vehicle? Are you looking for a high quality car repair benefits?

Even though it might look like nothing right now, just think about what time will do to that small scratch….

The rain will wheedle its way in and start attacking the metal…. Eating it away as if it was butter – and then a while later, that small scratch will have become a bubbling rusty eyesore.

Sure, right now it looks innocent enough. It’s really not worth spending the money to get such an insignificant little area seen to … or is it? How much is your car worth to you? Planning on selling it in the near future? That small imperfection will soon turn to a blight on the exterior of your car, throbbing like a spot, making itself known to any potential customers and dropping the offer price immediately.

So, ok, you’re not planning on selling your vehicle, so why does it matter? Believe me, it matters. Your car looks after you, getting you from A to B, making sure you are where you need to be at any given time. Your car deserves the same TLC back again. You need to look after your car, so your car can look after you.

It’s just a scratch! I hear you cry. You start by ignoring the scratch, then you ignore that small rattle, then you ignore the clunking noise, then you ignore the red light on your dash – until suddenly – your car dies. All because you chose to ignore that small scratch.

Is it worth pushing the scratch to the back of your mind? Especially when there is such an easy solution… pop down to Chipsaway Stockport and get it fixed in an instant –most repairs are completed in just one day. No fussing, no messing, just a simple solution.

Chipsaway Stockport is part of a trusted and recognised brand, the only cosmetic repairer to be recognised by the AA. Not only that, we’ve been awarded the Vehicle Builders and Repairer Association Certificate of Excellence for three years running now. Our experienced and dedicated team really know what they are doing.

But don’t take our word for it – see what our customers say. Such as Mr Igger–‘first class service in every way’, or Mr Forrest –‘exceptionally helpful and exceptional high levels of service’.

We offer the highest level of small, medium and large cosmetic repairs, from scratches and dents, to small accident insurance repairs, bonnet and boot repairs, as well as replacement of bolt on panels. Plus, we can either arrange to collect or give you a free lift when you've dropped it off - terms and conditions apply. It really is the no stress solution.

By coming to us, you can save up to 50% in comparison to other body repair centres. We specialise just in minor repairs, meaning we designed our centre to be as cost effective as possible. What we save in overheads, we pass onto you, without having to compromise on the high quality of our paints, spray equipment or tools.

So, if you’re ready to invest a little bit of love into your trusty vehicle and get high quality car repair benefits, isn’t it time you paid us a visit? You owe it to yourself, to let us take care of your car. Call today on 0161 483 0006 for your free estimate to start putting the value back into your vehicle.