Benefits Of Lease And Fleet Repairs Through Chips Away

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of lease and fleet repairs through Chips Away. Businesses and individuals often lease vehicles due to the flexibility and financial benefits provided with this option, compared with outright purchase. When leasing a vehicle or numerous vehicles, an individual or company will often possess these vehicles for up to two years. During this time a number of scuffs and dints can occur on the vehicle’s exterior. Although these are often incredibly superficial in their implications to the vehicle they can result in additional costs for the individual or company when the vehicle is returned at the end of the lease.

In order to prevent the occurrence of these additional costs Chips Away provide a Fair Wear & Tear inspection service. The inspection covers the condition of the vehicle bodywork, tyres, windscreen and interior. This service is provided to make leaseholders aware of any damage which has been incurred on the vehicle during the period of the lease and provides them with the ability to rectify these damages to ensure the vehicle meets the required standard and condition when it is returned. Please note, leaseholders should be aware of the specific return details of their lease policy.

In addition to our Fair Wear & Tear inspection, we advise that leaseholders also:

  • Check the vehicle’s mileage: If there is a chance that the vehicle will exceed the mileage limit as outlined in the lease policy it is advisable to reduce usage of the vehicle where possible before the lease ends.
  • Make sure that all required documentation, as provided with the vehicle is present when the vehicle is returned when the lease ends. In cases where the vehicle requires an MOT test, ensure that this is completed and that all subsequent documentation is included when returning the car.
  • Make sure that all vehicle keys are returned with the vehicle at the end of the lease. Also ensure that all immobilisers and remote locking devices are functioning correctly.
  • Unless you have already agreed otherwise with your leasing company, remove all stickers, passes and advertisements from both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Even if you have agreed to leave these on with the leasing company, it is advisable to remove them as if the removal by the leasing company results in damage to the car or van’s paintwork you will be charged.

For further details of the benefits of Lease and Fleet Repairs on our Fair Wear & Tear inspection, or to gain a free quote for the service, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling : 0161 483 0006.