Business Vehicles: Make Sure Your Company Looks The Part

Dedicated business vehicles have become increasing popular in recent years. You can easily see why, they are effectively an extension of a business’s image and have an effect on how that business is perceived by their customers and clients. Therefore it is unsurprising that numerous businesses provide their sales agents, client managers and personnel who have client facing roles with generous allowances to ensure they obtain a vehicle to match the status, prestige and brand they are representing.

However, it is no good turning up to a meeting in a high status, stylish vehicle if it has not been properly cared for. In fact, turning up to important meetings or pitches in a neglected car can be as bad as turning up with neglected personal hygiene. This is because it demonstrates an overall lack of care for personal appearance that reflects badly not only on the individual but also on your brand.

Businesses often have dress codes to ensure that the appearance of their employees is in line with the appearance of the brand. It makes sense that the same diligence is applied to the appearance of your business vehicles.

Ensuring your business vehicles look the part is not simply a matter of ensuring that the vehicle is clean, it is also about making sure that the vehicle is well maintained. Over time, scuffs, scratches and minor dents can occur on the bodywork of a car. If left untreated, they make the vehicle look neglected and uncared for, in turn making it look like you do not care about your business and your clients.

Having these minor, yet negative aesthetic, defects removed is not as difficult or as expensive as it may first appear. Here at Chips Away we perform a wide range of services designed to remove these defects, restoring the cars appearance. The major benefits of our bodywork repair services are:

  • Speed: The majority of our repair services can be completed within a few hours, resulting in minimum disruption to your business.
  • Quality: All of our repair work is completed to a high quality commercial standard.
  • Cost: Due to our methods and practices we are able to complete minor bodywork repair services for a fraction of the price it costs for traditional body shop methods.

For further information about our business vehicle bodywork repair services, or for a quote for your business fleet, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 0161 483 0006.

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