Take Care Of Your Car’s Alloys To Maintain Its Value

Car alloys consistently rank high on reports, ratings and reviews of top quality wheels. You can easily see why. Alloys, especially metal alloys, provide superior acceleration and steering than normal drive wheels. In addition, since the majority of alloys are constructed from aluminium, they are significantly stronger.

However, the benefits provided by alloys are not only practical, they are also aesthetic. Car alloys significantly raise the profile of a vehicle, increasing the overall appearance and prestige of the car. But in order to gain the best from a car’s alloys it is imperative that they are kept sparkly clean, this requires regular maintenance.

All too often, when performing maintenance and cleaning on a vehicle, the wheels are neglected in favour of the bodywork and the interior. This is a mistake! Ensuring that regular maintenance and cleaning is observed on a car’s wheels is equally as important as ensuring that it is observed on a car’s bodywork and interior. This is especially true of aluminium wheels, as they require greater levels of maintenance.

Aesthetics aside, perhaps the chief reason why you should ensure that your car’s alloys are properly cared for and correctly maintained is that they can actually add to the overall value of your car. This is especially significant if you are looking to trade in your current vehicle.

However, caring for your car alloys is not as hard as it may seem, collected beneath are some pointers to have your alloys looking as good as new. Alternatively, if you do not fancy doing it yourself, we provide a dedicated alloy maintenance and cleaning service, for further information, a member of our customer service team can be contacted by calling: 0161 483 0006.

Tips For Cleaning Your Car Alloys:

  • Clean your car alloys on a warm day, but avoid direct sunlight.
  • First clean the alloys with water, using a hose will help you clean between the spokes with ease. It is important to remove all dirt as this will reduce the occurrence of scratches when you are cleaning.
  • Gently scrub the alloys using a cloth that is damp with soapy water, once done, rinse off using a cloth soaked in clean water.
  • Use a wheel brush to clean inside the spokes and rinse with clean water.
  • Once done, allow to dry or dry using a dry cloth.
  • For the best effects, apply either wax or polish to the alloys using a clean cloth.

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