Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

We may not want to admit it, but winter is here. During these cold months your car has to endure a lot: the cold weather, salt and sand on the streets in addition to slippery roads. However do not fear! Simply follow the advice below to ensure that your car is kept in top condition and equally importantly, that you are well prepared before setting out in your car during the cold winter months.

Visibility Is Key:

Ensuring your windscreen is clear at all times is of the upmost importance. Despite the limitations you may have, it is essential to set the time aside in the morning to ensure that windscreen is entirely clear before setting off. This applies to other windows and door mirrors also.

Here are some top tips to ensure you have the optimum level of visibility within your vehicle:


  • Ensure you wipe your windows dry before departing on your journey.
  • Keep a dry cloth close by, to clean all inside mirrors and window surfaces.
  • Make use of your de-misters. If your car has a heated windscreen then make use of it early on. Additionally, use your heated rear window to ensure optimum levels of visibility at all times.
  • If necessary, open your windows in order to clear any mist.
  • Ensure you always keep your washer bottle topped up.
  • Air conditioning within the car can help to clear any accumulated mist.
  • The cleaner the glass in your car, then the quicker the wipers can clear the exterior of the screen.
  • When dirty weather conditions occur, ensure you regularly clean your windscreen, windows, indicators and lights as often as is required. 

Windscreen, Wipers, Washer Fluid:

  • Good visibility is essential. When cleaning your windscreen ensure that you take the time to clean it inside and out. If the inside is smeared, you can use glass polish to clean it.
  • Windscreen wipers play an important role in winter driving. Consider installing winter wipers.
  • Keep your wiper fluid topped up. Additionally you should add a proprietary additive to it in order to reduce the chance of freezing in sub-zero conditions. If your wiper washer jets do not function correctly, clean and adjust them.

Protect The Body Of Your Car:

  • The winter months can be harsh to the body of your car. Sand, moisture and road salt all cause damage to your cars exterior paintwork and contribute to the corrosion process. If road salt is commonly used in your locality, consider having your vehicle rust proofed.
  • Take the time to remove any leaves and other debris which has accumulated throughout the other seasons from under cowl panel, which can be found under the windscreen and other areas. If left, these leaves run the risk of blocking up water drains, whilst also collecting moisture.
  • You should consider having your car waxed before winter. Waxing helps to preserve the paint. Stone chips and scratches are far more likely to corrode after winter, due to this you should touch up or repair any damage to your cars paintwork before winter.
  • Think about buying winter car mats. These mats will help prevent moisture from leaking underneath the cars carpet. This can if left unchecked cause corrosion to the wiring and associated electrical components.
  • Wash your car more frequently during the winter months. This is because salt, dirt and moisture all accumulate inside the wheel wells, under the doors and in other areas. If left unchecked this can result in corrosion.