The True Cost Of A Repair From Chips Away

The Truth About Chipsaway Cost

Inevitably whenever you find your car damaged, irrespective of whether it is a scratch or a completely compromised section of the bodywork, one question comes to the forefront of your mind, “How much is this going to cost me?”

This realisation, that not only is your car damaged in some way, but that reparations are going to have a cost can cause a large amount of both aggravation and distress.

However, the simple answer to the question “How much is this going to cost”, is that it is impossible to provide an accurate set price. The reason for this is that the financial cost of a repair can vary so widely dependent on the type of damage caused and its extent.

If you would like to know the cost for repair work to your vehicle, the best thing you can do is fill out one of our enquiry forms. This form will go directly to one of our technicians who will then call you to arrange a visit. Then we will pay you a visit, assess the damage to the vehicle and provide a free, no obligation for the quote and advise as to how to proceed.

Collected beneath is an exploration of car scratch repair costs, as these are by far the most common damages which occur to vehicles.

Car Scratch Repair Costs:

There are a number of factors that affect the complexity of a scratch and the associated ChipsAway cost of restoration. These include:

  • The size of the damage.
  • The location of the scratch.
  • The number of panels that the scratch has affected.
  • The depth of the scratch.
  • The type of finish applied to the vehicle.

Scratches are similar to many other damage types as the main factor which determines the cost of reparation is the size of the damage. If the scratching is confined to one panel, the process of reparation will be far simpler than if a scratch runs across a number of panels.

Additionally, the depth of the scratch should be considered. This is because, the deeper the scratch than the greater a number of paint layers that will have been compromised as a result. This in turn means that more of the surrounding paint will required sanding in order to then build the paint back up. This process will take more time, and a higher level of expertise than is required for a shallow scratch.