Does The Colour Of Your Car Make It More Prone To Prangs?

What is perhaps most frustrating as a safe and careful driver is that despite this, chips and scratches still appeal on the cars bodywork with a disquieting frequency. Perhaps most surprising is that factually the colour of your car might one of the prone to scratches and dents than others.

Whilst some may argue that this is actually due to the popularity of certain car colours means that this popularity is then reflected in the number of these coated cars requiring touch up work. However, we suspect it may be more than that.

In order to complete this blog we have had a look at the most common car coating colours which we perform touch up work on due to dints, dents and scratches in the bodywork.

The Top Five Colours Which We Repair Most Often:

If the colour of your car is.. 

  1. Red: Whilst this colour is nowhere near as popular as it was previously, especially during the 80s and 90s, it has over recent years begun to make a comeback. Irrespective of how the colour is performing in popularity it presently accounts for 9% of all repairs we make each year.
  2. Grey: This colour is presently the third most popular coating colour of cars in the UK, with 14% of all cars registered in the UK last year having a grey paint coating. Bizarrely perhaps, this figure is an exact match to our own findings, when it comes to the number of repairs performed on a specific car colour. That’s right! Last year 14% of all cars we repaired had a grey coating.
  3. Blue: The popularity of this coating colour has plummeted in recent years, whilst we cannot account for this trend, blue cars still accounted for 13% of the total number of cars registered in the UK last year. However, blue car drivers enjoy a disproportionate percentage of bumps and bashes it would seem. According to our data, 18% of all repairs conducted last year were on blue cars.
  4. Black: this colour is timeless and always enjoys high levels of popularity, therefore it is perhaps unsurprising that it also enjoys high levels of representation in the repairs we conduct. Black accounts for 21% of all the repairs we conducted last year. A number of years ago it was reported that black cars were most likely to be in collisions, the reason for this was that other drivers would struggle to see them.
  5. Silver: This colour is by far the most prone to damage according to our results, silver cars accounted for 24% of all repairs we conducted over the last year.

Does the colour of your car included on the list? Might as well change it to avoid damage! Call us now!