End Of Lease Preparation: Scratch & Bump Repairs

There are two common concerns popular among car leaseholders in the lead up time to the end of lease. The first is, will you be charged for all the scratches and bumps on the vehicle? The second is, are there any measures which can be undertaken to reduce these lease-return charges?

Many leaseholders are aware that the leasing company will charge for any and all damages which they consider to be greater than the “normal” level of wear and tear. However what constitutes “normal” wear and tear?

The best way to avoid end of lease charges on your car is prepare the vehicle for the end of lease. This can be done in a number of ways. The first step should be to visit the manufacturer or leasing company’s website. The majority of these entities provide extensive information about the end of lease process and a comprehensive definition of wear and tear, also referred to as “wear and use”.

In order to prepare for your end of lease inspection, it is advisable to remove all personal items from the car, clean the interior thoroughly and to wash the exterior. It may also be beneficial to have a detailing service conducted on the car, as it is beneficial to present the car in the best possible light for the inspection.

A further reason why it is beneficial to get a detailing service is that some of the scratches on the car may only have penetrated the outer layer of the paint, or the “clear coat”. In some cases scratches such as these can be removed with a detailing job. However if the scratch is deeper and a detailing job does not remove it, then it is advisable to utilise a professional companies cosmetic repair service. A service like this will ensure that any and all cosmetic damage, such as scratches and bumps, is removed.

Prior to undertaking such as a service, a reputable company, such as ourselves, will provide a free quote. This quote will give you an insight into how much damage has occurred and whether you will be charged by the leasing company.

If, however, you fear that you may run out of time on your lease before you can get the necessary repairs completed, then request a lease extension.

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