Get Your Car Ready for the Great British Get Away

Summer is here! Get your car ready! By now you will no doubt have planned numerous trips away over the upcoming the bank holiday weekends and plenty of trips away to keep your children occupied over the long summer holidays.

But have you prepared your car? All too often the correct preparation of a car for a long journey is overlooked. Failure to make sure your car is not only prepared but is ready for a long journey enables you to avoid the stress and annoyance resulting from unexpected problems and breakdowns.

Here are our key considerations to make sure your car is ready for your summer schedule:


Perhaps the most important aspect of the car when it comes to long journeys. Make sure that they are correctly inflated. Also inspect them to ensure that they are in a good condition. Before setting off make sure to pack any tyre related equipment you may require, especially a tyre inflator or pump!


Make sure your car’s bodywork is in good condition before setting off. If left for prolonged periods of time, scuffs and scratches can intensify becoming rusty. This problem is exacerbated with exposure to salty water and air near the coast. A simple bodywork repair will not only remove these damages, it will also prevent further damage which can affect the value of your car.

Check Oil and Wiper Fluid

Before leaving make sure to check both your oil levels and your wiper fluid. It will only take a couple of minutes, but can help avoid serious damage to your car, especially in the case of oil. Dust can easily accumulate on a car’s windscreen, especially if you are going near the coast, having your wipers in prime condition will enable you to maintain visibility and stay safe.

Take Maps and A Sat Nav

Sat Nav systems are fantastic, it is hard to imagine navigation before them. However there are areas in the UK where they do not work. To avoid being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no alternative means of navigation ensure to take an up-to-date physical map. Map and navigation systems on phones are excellent however they rely upon phone signal, in some cases you simply can’t beat a traditional map.

Roof Racks

Before setting off make sure that the roof rack is correctly secured, to avoid accidental jettison of your cargo on the motorway. Also be aware that the addition of a roof rack greatly increases stopping distances, adjust your driving accordingly.

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