Highest Paying Driving Jobs

Questioning your career, looking for a lifestyle change or just a motor enthusiast? Then entering the world of driving as a career may be for you. There are a number of jobs and careers in driving which enable those employed to lead a balance life and earn an income from behind a wheel. Here are some of the highest paying driving jobs you can choose from. Not only does the driving world offer a lot of potential jobs, it can also pay really big money.

Speed Drivers

  • Test Drivers: One of the highest paying driving jobs is being a test driver of one of the fastest auto in the world. Becoming a test driver is many peoples dream job, however it also provides an extremely comfortable lifestyle. Test drivers can earn anything between £30,000 and £40,000 per year, with the overall average income for a test driver falling at £38,000. With an income like that you will be able to do what you love for a living without compromising your accustomed lifestyle.
  • NASCAR Drivers: Since its conception in 1948 the sport has boomed, now each year millions of loyal viewers tune in to watch the contest. The highest paid NASCAR driver to date is Dale Earnhardt who took in a total of $35 million dollars in 2009. That equates to over $830 per left turn! However the overwhelming majority of NASCAR drivers earn somewhere between $1 million dollars and $30 million dollars each year, which is still a large amount.
  • Formula 1 Drivers: This sport offers its drivers some of the highest salaries within the driving industry. Successful drivers often earn between £20 million pounds and £35 million pounds. Fernado Alonso the Spanish Formula 1 driver received in excess of £38 million pounds in 2012.

Truck Drivers 

  • Truck drivers in Iraq: Iraq may not be on the top of most peoples list of places to live or even work, however driving in conveys in Iraq provides an excellent income. Due to the combination of dangers and threats to these drivers their starting salary is in the region of £125.000 a year.
  • Ice Road Truckers: Many of you may have watched the documentary program which chronicles the plight of the ice road trucker. However what you may be unaware of is the fat pay cheque they receive for their toils. In a couple of months an ice road trucker can earn the equivalent of a year’s income. Incomes range between $60.000 and $120.000, and in some cases these truckers get as much as $2000 per run.
  • Dump Trucker for Coal Mines: In America dump truck drivers in coal mines can receive annual pay checks of between $30.000 and $50.000. This is largely due to the long hours and hard working conditions which the job entails.

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