How To Avoid Common Winter Motoring Hazards

Due to the mixed weather conditions associated with winter, it is important to be aware of the hazards that these and other factors, such as road conditions, present for drivers during this season. In order to help you stay safe during this winter, we have compiled a list of how to avoid common winter motoring hazards.


As a hazard, potholes affect road users all year round. However during the winter season, with its icy conditions and increased rainfall, it can make existing potholes even worse, whilst also creating new ones. In some cases, potholes cannot be avoided, but if they can, it is advisable to drive around them. Also it is worth noting down the location of potholes that have been in the road for a while and reporting them to the council. They might not look like much, but potholes can cause all sorts of trouble to a vehicle’s tyres and wheel alignment.

Black Ice

Due to the fact that you cannot tell where black ice is, it is particularly treacherous. Therefore, whenever it is icy it is best to drive cautiously- even if you do not think there is any ice on the stretch of road you are currently driving on. However, even the most cautious drivers can be caught out, so it is important to know how to drive safely when the roads are icy.

  • Do not overuse your brakes, this can actually increase the chances of skidding.
  • Anticipate what is coming further down the road. Decrease your speed by taking your foot off the accelerator pedal, especially when you are going around corners.
  • Where possible avoid stopping on hills. If possible, wait until the road flattens out and stop here, this dramatically reduces the risk of sliding backwards.
  • When driving during the winter and there is a risk of ice, take things gently. Where possible, avoid sudden movements. To enhance your handling of the vehicle, make sure you are wearing the appropriate footwear that will provide the best grip on the operation pedals.


Extreme wind is often attributed with the winter months, and it is imperative to drive safely in these conditions. When you are driving on exposed stretches of the motorway take care and also when overtaking other road users, especially lorries and vans. Always maintain a firm grip on your vehicle’s steering wheel whilst driving in these conditions to ensure complete control.


If you are satisfied of our tips on how to avoid common winter motoring hazards, give us a call and we are gladly to know your thoughts! And if some of these hazards damages your precious car, check our high quality services!