Pothole Damage Has Raised By 25%, Get Your Wheels Fixed Up

The number of cars which have been damaged by poor road conditions and potholes has reached a record high this last year. Figures given by the RAC report over 25,000 individual callouts for the breakdown company. These callouts where typically to drivers who were left stranded as a result of broken wheels, shock absorbers and suspensions. All of these were attributed directly to problems with the road conditions in Britain.

To put the figures in context, the number the RAC provided was a 24% increase on the numbers of the previous year. That is an additional 5,000 callouts over the last twelve months. The primary reason contributed to the deterioration of the road conditions and subsequently greater number of callouts was the fact that continued cutbacks mean that the funds are simply unavailable for many local authorities to perform the required repairs to the roads.

So what can you do? The best measure to gauge the risk your vehicle has of falling victim to pothole damage is to gauge the extent of the existing damage to the vehicle. Many drivers are ignorantly driving on wheels that have been either damaged or cracked already as a result of pothole damage. If left this can result in complete failure of the wheel or tyre through either deflation or vibration respectively. This in turn can affect the overall performance of your car.

There are a number of signs of pothole damage that can be seen on vehicles, these include:

  • Dents, leaks and rusting.
  • Axle and suspension failure.
  • Vibration or deflation of a tyre or tyres.
  • Bulging in the sidewall of a tyre.

Therefore in order to gauge the existing damage to your vehicle, it is best to check it in for a complete inspection on both the rims and the tyres. Chips Away specialise in performing pothole damage repairs to tyres. Once performed, our repairs will not only repair the existing damage but also improve the condition of both the tyres and the vehicle.

Our team of dedicated engineers have both the experience and the knowledge in order to deliver a high quality pothole repair service. Our dedicated pothole repair services include:

  • Straightening bent wheels or rims.
  • Repairing punctured tyres.
  • The refurbishment of pothole damaged dents, leaks and rusting.

For further information about our repair service for pothole damaged wheels, or to arrange an inspection of your vehicle, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling 0161 483 0006 or email us on [email protected].