Protecting Your Car From Road Salt In The Winter

Protecting your car from road salt in the winter is important. Road salt can result in irreversible damage to both the interior and exterior of your car, in order to minimise the occurrence of this damage to your vehicle with have collected a number of tips. Road salt is a necessary evil for roads during the cold winter months, as it melts ice providing motorists with safer driving reducing the occurrence of skidding and similar loses of control.

Protecting The Vehicle’s Exterior From Road Salt:

The number one offender of external damage caused by road salt is rust. The best way to avoid the occurrence of this is to have the exterior of your vehicle oiled on an annual basis with rust proofing spray. Rust forms on vehicles due to the combination of moisture and air forming a crust on a vehicles exterior. Road salts dramatically accelerates this process. The majority of people believe that the best time to have a vehicle oiled is in autumn prior to the beginning of winter. However the optimum time is actually spring. This is due to the fact that during this season the highest variation in moisture levels occur, placing vehicles at a higher risk of rust.

Protecting The Vehicle’s Interior From Road Salt:

Many motorists do not realise that road salt can be damaging to a vehicle’s interior or how it can get there. In most cases, road salt is brought into a vehicle on the soles of footwear, where it is carried in slush. Over time this slush melts, releasing the salt into the vehicles interior where it then stains the interior carpets. Once this staining has occurred it is difficult to remove from the carpet through scrubbing. If untreated the road salt can cause damage to the vehicles underlying flooring.

Equipping your vehicle with car matts is the best way to prevent the occurrence of damage to a vehicles interior. The most effective car matts are constructed from rubber and fitted with high sidewalls.

At Chips Away, we are highly knowledgeable in means of protecting your car from road salt in the winter from both the interior and exterior. In addition we offer a number of services which enable you to protect your vehicle from external rust and internal stains. For further information about our preventative services, or to discuss our rust treatment services, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 0161 483 0006.