Spring Time Is The Best Time To Give Your Car A Clean

A number of motorists give their car a thorough clean once a year, whether it is required or not, whilst others regularly clean their car as nothing beats that clean car sensation. Irrespective of where you fall on the clean car spectrum- Spring time is the single best time to give your car a clean.

Best Time to Give Your Car a Clean

This is due to the fact that the harsh and damaging weather of Winter has ended, often leaving cars requiring a clean. Cleaning your car during Spring will not only remove the neglect resulting from the Winter months- it will also reduce the risk of long-term and lasting damage occurring due to corrosion.

So where should you start?


Due to the damp and cold weather of the Winter months, the interior of your car may have been damp for a number of months. This can result in rotten carpets, discolouration of upholstery and an overall deterioration to the interior’s appearance. To begin with, take out the loose matts from the interior. Once done, vacuum each of these and if required give them a wash- for best results use shampoo but avoid using an excess amount of water.

Whilst doing this, you may notice a number of wet patches under the carpets. If these are present then it is a sign that rain water penetration has occurred. If this is the case your car should be inspected as quickly as possible, as if left unchecked this penetration can result in serious corrosion. When it comes to the upholstery itself, there are a wide range of dedicated cleaning products available. These can be obtained from your local car accessory retailer. When using these products always perform a quick test on a small area first to avoid disappointment.


The first stage of a thorough exterior wash should be the removal of all Winter grime from the vehicle’s paintwork. For best results use warm water and a compatible car shampoo. When washing the exterior, begin on the roof and work downwards around the car. This allows for any dirt that has become encrusted at the bottom to soak before being removed. When cleaning your car, pay specific attention to both the undersides of the doors and sills, once cleaned make sure that the shampoo has been successfully rinsed from these areas.

Whilst you are cleaning your car you may notice a number of areas which have been afflicted by stone chips and minor corrosion. These should be dealt with as quickly as possible to prevent the issue from exacerbating. For best results, use a stop touch-up kit and take time in order to ensure that a reasonable finish is accomplished.

To finish, polish the paintwork, this will not only give your car that “brand new” appearance, it will also offer ongoing protection to the paintwork. For best results, use a good quality polish and follow the instructions of application.