Supagard – Paint protection

What is Supagard?

Supagard is the UK’s market-leading car paint protection company, established over 25 years ago, specialising in exterior and interior protection. Supagard works with a large number of leading car manufacturers, including Mercedes, Lexus, Citroen and Ford. Their products offer world-class car paint protection and sealant to both new and used car customers, offering great protection and a high value finish.

Supagard paint protector offers a high quality finish, protecting the exterior of a car from everything from ultra violet rays, to excess road salt, and even acid rain. No matter what it is that threatens the coating of your car, Supagard offers an extra layer of protection against the forces of nature. It doesn’t allow for build-up of oxidation, grime, and protects from paint reduction.

The good news is that, depending on where you are in the UK, our ChipsAway technicians have undertaken a comprehensive training course in applying Supagard paint protection products so that we’re able to give your vehicle that extra layer of protection it needs. Here at ChipsAway, we recommend Supagard car paint protection from new, or within the first year of purchase. This ensures your car’s colour is protected for as long as possible.

What are the Benefits of Supagard?

There are a large number of benefits to using Supagard as a paint protection product.

How Supagard works is it creates a protective high gloss finish to paintwork, protecting against environmental and climatic conditions. This makes the surface of the paintwork easier to clean, whilst also aiding in protecting it against everything from acid rain to bird mess.

The paintwork’s high gloss finish is preserved without the need for abrasive polishes which can damage the paint surface.

Whenever Supagard is applied, paintwork is guaranteed not to fade. Supagard has such a fantastic reputation in maintaining the look and appearance of the vehicle that when the vehicle is part exchanged Supagard may even have a positive impact on the residual value of the vehicle.

How Does Supagard Work?

Supagard car paint protection formula creates a tough polymer barrier which bonds with the paintwork, sealing it against oxidisation and the damaging effects of environmental pollutants. Here are some of the advantages of using Supagard:

When professionally applied as a ‘fit and forget’ product, there is no top up required, so all you have to do is wash your car as normal.
Supagard avoids the use of abrasive polishes that can damage the paint surface.
Supagard helps maintain that ‘new car’ look for longer, with a 3-year guarantee
Finally, Supagard reduces the need for waxing or polishing, saving you both time and money.
There are several different Supagard products that can be applied to your car paintwork or the interior of your vehicle. To find out how the Supagard formula can be applied to your car and to see if car paint protection could be beneficial to you, take a look at our blog – Using Supagard Paint Sealant to Keep Paintwork Looking New.

How Much Does Supagard Paint Protection Cost?

The cost of applying Supagard to your vehicle can depend on the make and model of your car. That being said, across the country we have specialists who offer Supagard paint protection and are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to find out more then you can get an obligation free estimate from your local specialist today.

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