Supagard Paint Sealant: Keeping Paintwork Looking New

Since its establishment over 25 years ago the Supagard paint sealant products have become exceedingly popular with both car manufacturers and dealers throughout the UK. Paint sealant is an incredibly simple product with an equally simple aim – namely to protect the paintwork of a vehicle from the residual wear and tear of the surrounding environment. This includes everything from acid rain and UV rays from the sun to road salt and other factors that can, over time, cause the paintwork on your vehicle to fade.

At Chips Away we have long believed in the value of car paint protection – contingent on being applied by a reputable dealer or specialist. To ensure we offer our customers the very best products currently available we are always reviewing the market. After our latest review we have selected Supagard as an additional extra in our repair process. This is due to the fact that we believe it is an established leader in the field of professionally applied car repair products.

How does the Supagard Paint Sealant work?

When applied to a vehicle’s paintwork the Supagard sealant forms a tough polymer barrier that actively bonds to the paintwork. This then seals it against oxidisation and the additional damaging effects of environmental pollutants. Here are a number of additional key reasons why we at Chips Away recommend its usage:

  • Supagard paint sealant is a professionally applied “fit and forget” product, meaning it requires no top ups or conservers. Once applied you simply wash your car as you would before the sealant was applied.
  • The product does not make use of abrasive polishes that can actually damage the underlying paint surface.
  • The Supagard paint sealant is an excellent means by which vehicle owners can maintain that “new car” look for longer. Additionally the product comes with a 3 year guarantee.
  • Once applied, the Supagard paint sealant reduces the ongoing requirement for waxing and polishing on the vehicles paintwork. This saves the owner both time and money.
  • The Supagard paint sealant product is recommended by a number of leading car manufacturers. This includes BMW, Toyota and Honda.

We are able to offer our Supagard paint sealant service to customers for as little as just £199 plus VAT. So if you want to keep your car’s paintwork in optimum condition and prevent fading of both the gloss and paintwork from occurring- look no further than Supagard paint sealant!