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Cleaning your car


Cleaning your car and keeping it clean is not just for aesthetic purposes; it can sustain the longevity and value of your car for resale. But how frequently are you supposed to clean your car? It depends on a number of factors – where you live, where you drive, what the season is and many…


Driving Test


Driving test are due to change from Monday 4 December – with four main components due for a revamp. Independent driving will increase to 20 minutes, you will be required to follow directions given by a satnav, reversing manoeuvres will be changed and you will need to answer two vehicle safety questions whilst driving.


Car Repairs


Eliminate the inconvenience and vastly reduce the expense of a specialist car care shop by coming to @ChipsAway in Stockport – the UK’s leading one stop shop for all car repairs and bodywork. Whether your vehicle requires scratch, dents, scuffs or bump removal, ChipsAway is the right choice.


Road Tips

sleepy image

Road Tips? Most people would assume that being inebriated on the road is the worst thing possible – but did you know that driving when tired could equal the same – or a worse – level of danger? Stay safe on the roads with these road tips for alertness: Save