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The Rise Of Self-Driving Cars And What They Mean For Your Safety

The self-driving cars has long been a stalwart of the science fiction realm, however the reality of this vision has never been nearer. Google are ever closer to creating their own self-driving, and Telsa Motors have a program that is set to add a whole new dimension to the phrase “cruise control”. However, already these…

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Are Driverless Cars The Future For Our Roads?

In November 2011 the CEO of Audi, Rupert Sadler, announced that their brand’s series of driverless cars will be on the UK’s roads in the next two years. The announcement was made during his speech at the Süddeutsche Zeitung’s economic summit in Berlin. During this speech he placed specific emphasis on the early release of…

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Prospect of Driverless Cars: For and Against

The prospect of driverless cars has captured the imaginations of science fiction writers and engineers alike. However as a result of recent technological advances what was once a dream is getting ever closer to becoming a reality. Our generation is characterised by technological advances and innovations. In the last twenty years the computer has been…

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