The Best Way To De-Ice Your Car

Are you thinking of the best way to de-ice your car and which is the most effective technique? During the winter season, with its cold dark mornings it can be hard enough to just get out of the house to go to work. However this problem can often be intensified by the idea of having to spend a prolonged period of time removing ice from the windows of your car just so you can take your children to school or get to work.

There are so many ways to remove ice from your car and everyone seems to have their own best method, but what is the best and most effective technique? Beneath we explore some of the best techniques to remove ice from your car, enabling you to save time in the morning.

Best Way to De-ice Your Car

Warm Water In A Bucket:

In order to make use of this method you need to fill either a jug or bucket with lukewarm water. Then take this water and pour it over the windows of your vehicle in order to melt the ice. However, please note, that if the water is too hot it will actually cause your windows to crack so it is very important to make sure that you get the temperature right!

Pros- This is one of the easier and quicker methods. Additionally, you can prep the water whilst still in the warmth of you home.

Cons- The main drawback of this technique, beyond potentially cracking your windows if you get the water too hot, is the risk of getting water on yourself by accident whilst applying it to the windows. Additionally, the water you apply, once it runs off can then freeze, creating a potential hazard.

Our rating: 7.5/10


If you need your car to be de-iced quickly and effectively, then look no further than de-icer. To use this product is simple, spray the de-icer on the windows then turn on your windscreen wipers and let them remove the ice. However, the freezing may cause your wipers to become stuck to the windscreen- in order to avoid this occurring lift them up.

Pros- This is an extremely quick technique that has minimal input or effort in order to be completed.

Cons- There is a relative danger that the de-icer may merely cause the ice to smear. Since the de-icer contains chemicals, it can actually cause the rubber in the windscreen wipers to deteriorate. Due to this we would not recommend prolonged usage.

Our rating: 9/10


If you are satisfied of our tips on the best way to de-ice your car, contact us now and give us your thoughts! Also, check out our high quality services for your very own car!