Top Tips For A Car Spring Time Spruce Up

In order to help you keep your car running smooth this spring, we have provided our top tips for a car spring time spruce up. Spring is an important time to give your vehicle some much needed maintenance. This is due to the exposure to cold temperatures, snow and ice, road salt, frost heaves and pot holes that cars are exposed to during the winter months. These can leave the brakes, suspensions, batteries and tires of a car exhausted and in need of a check-up.

In order to ensure that everything in your car is performing optimally, here are top tips for a car spring time spruce up:

  1. Tire Pressure: Cold weather can reduce the tire pressure on your vehicle. Therefore, you should make sure that all tires, including the spare are not only properly inflated but also balanced. The correct tire pressure for your vehicle can be found on the inside of your car door.
  2. Brakes: Following winter, it is highly advisable to inspect your break system. This inspection should include the lines, hoses, handbrake and also ensure the brake fluid has the correct level.
  3. Suspension and Wheel Alignment: Winter has the highest number of potholes, these are not nice to your car. In order to ascertain the resultant damage, an inspection should be conducted. This is because, the quick and early discovery of wear or leaks can prevent the occurrence of far greater issues later. It is also advisable to have your wheels correctly aligned following the winter months.
  4. Fluid Levels: Your car contains a number of different fluids, it is important to check them all. The fluid levels you should check include, engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid and your coolant/antifreeze fluid. The winter months can leave your brakes sluggish, in order to revamp them with a new lease of life, perform a brake fluid flush.
  5. Engine Air Filter: This quick job can be performed during any fluid change. Once done the effects are instant.
  6. Clean The Interior and Exterior: Often people use their vehicle as a mobile storage area, this is especially true during the winter months. It is important to take the time to declutter your car’s interior, allowing you to lose the extra weight and increase your car’s mileage. When it comes to the exterior, make sure to pay extra special attention to the undercarriage, here is where road salt will accumulate. If left, this will eat away and corrode the metal. Cleaning the exterior thoroughly will prevent this occurring.