Top Tips for Driving in the Fog

The opening weeks of November of 2015 witnessed much of the UK being enveloped in a blanket of thick fog, the effects of which were felt widely, from numerous planes being grounded to the daily commutes of many being jeopardised. It is unlikely that this is not the last of the fog this winter. Therefore in order to enable you to be safe on the roads in these weather conditions, we have compiled our top tips for driving in the fog.

Ensure Correct Preparation:

Fog is similar to driving in other hazardous weather conditions, in that ensuring the right preparation is taken is key. If possible, you should avoid driving in foggy conditions wherever possible. However if you have to drive in these conditions, before embarking on your journey ensure the following preparation is observed:

  • Make sure all of the car’s external lights are clean and functioning- especially the fog lights.
  • Ensure that all windows are clean on both the interior and exterior, to provide the best possible levels of visibility.
  • Check your screen wash reservoir and if required top it up. This is because foggy conditions result in high levels of moisture therefore windscreen wipers need to deliver optimum levels of performance.
  • Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged before commencing on the journey- take a charger adapter if possible.
  • Before setting off, make sure you are familiar with using your fog lights.

Follow The Correct Allowances:

Once you are fully prepared, you are ready to set off. In order to ensure safety whilst driving in these conditions, make sure you observe the following allowances:


When driving in foggy conditions, ensure that you keep an eye on your speed. Due to the fact that foggy conditions not only reduce visibility, but also causes the surroundings to blur, it can be very hard to accurately gauge your speed. The best way to do this is by regularly checking your speedometer and lowering your speed accordingly.


Once you have addressed your speed, the next most important factor is ensuring that you see other road users and they see you. In foggy conditions, visibility is dramatically reduced, so you should use your car’s low beam lights, as adversely they merely light up the fog and further reduce visibility. Avoid using high beam lights. Also, only deploy your fog lights when the conditions demand it. The Highway Code advocates that fog lights should only be used when visibility drops beneath 100m. Also make sure that measures are taken to ensure that foggy conditions within the car do not further reduce the visibility, this can be done by using your air conditioning equipment to prevent windows from steaming up.


Increase the distance that you keep between vehicles, usually it should be a 2 second gap, however in foggy conditions it is advisable to increase this to a 5 second gap. Also ensure that you maintain lane discipline and avoid the temptation to drive in the middle of the road.

If you have thoughts or other tips for driving in the fog  that you can add on to help other people, give us a call! You can also check out our high quality services that we offer.