Scratch Repairs for Vandalised Cars

It is so frustrating to return to your car and find a vandal or key scratch. Occurring across the nation on a daily basis, and costing the public millions each year, vandal scratches are seemingly on the increase.

Vandal scratches are hugely unfortunate, as they not only affect the overall appearance of your vehicle but will also impact the resale value. If left untreated, these car vandal scratches may lead to further damage caused by rust complications or exposure to the elements. This means that, the longer a vandal scratch is left before it is repaired, the more expensive it will almost certainly be to remove.

To help you get your car back to normal, we have developed a vandal scratch removal process to fix the damage and repair the paint around the scratch. Our process has been designed to make removing vandal scratches as painless as possible, and it can be completed at your convenience.

The ChipsAway Vandal Scratch repair process eliminates the need for expensive bodyshops and insurance premiums, because it uses SMART Repair techniques. Our SMART Repair techniques allow for us to quickly and efficiently remove car scratches and vandal damage with ease, creating a flawless finish. If your car has been scratched by a vandal you probably feel stress from the unfortunate situation. Let us take the stress out of the repair.

Find out more about SMART here.