Winter Car Care Gadgets to Help You

Winter brings with it cold temperatures, extreme weather fluctuations and unreliable road conditions. In order to help you ensure you are prepared for the cold season, we have provided a guide of our three top winter car care gadgets for your car.

Winter Car Care Gadgets

Iceplane/ Ice Scraper: These items should not be underestimated for their importance during the winter months! There is much diversity in terms of specific ice scrapers available, however in practice whether you spend more or less money on the purchase, does not make much difference when it comes to using them. Essentially it is the deployment of your physical exertion through the ice scraper against the frozen exterior of your car. The Iceplane however, is nothing short of a revolution! Unlike other ice scrapers available, the Iceplane is incredibly effective at removing ice from the exterior of your vehicle. This is achieved through the combination of an incredibly comfortable handle and two cleverly angled plastic scrapers.

A Magnetic Windscreen Shield: Alternatively, if you do not fancy having to physically scrap the ice from your car’s exterior first thing in the morning, a magnetic windscreen shield should prove especially useful. This gadget is incredibly simple, just take it out of its bag, unfold it and apply it to your car’s windscreen. We have chosen a magnetic windscreen shield due to the ease with which it can be attached, no fiddly straps to secure and then unsecure. Additionally, the magnets ensure that the windscreen shield is tight across your car, preventing frost and ice from forming beneath. This is by far the single best of way of ensuring a frost free windscreen first thing in the morning. Also, these shields are not only effective on the windshield, they can also be used on a car’s rear window.

A Car Dehumidifier Bag: All too often, people make the mistake of thinking that the cold only affects the exterior of the car. However, many cars, even the most modern, can be affected by internal damp and condensation during the winter months. In a worst case scenario this can result in frost forming on the inside of the car’s windscreen. A simple yet effective solution is provided through a dehumidifier bag. Typically, these bags contain silica and are able to absorb up to 80% of their weight in moisture. Unlike the other winter car care gadgets included in the list, a dehumidifier bag is not especially cheap. However, they will last years and can be quickly used again- just microwave the bag then leave in a dry location in between uses.