The UK’s Top Four Worst Driving Habits

When asked, the overwhelming majority of drivers will inform you that they are good drivers. Evidence collected by a Driving Standards Agency survey found that an overwhelming 90% of drivers surveyed considered themselves to be “good” drivers. Despite a seeming inability for drivers to see their own habitual shortcomings, it is extremely easy to spot poor or worst driving habits in others.

Collected here are the four of the worst driving habits which can be found on the roads of the UK. These bad habits do not include activities which are a flagrant disregard for the law; activities such as using the phone whilst driving or driving under the influence. This list looks at the everyday habits which seem to develop among a shocking number of drivers, consciously or unconsciously over time. These habits may seem harmless, but if taken to the extreme these habits can create dangerous incidents on the road.

Habit Number One: Slow Down, Speed Up, Slow Down, Speed Up

Drivers who own cars with cruise control will be acutely aware of this habit in others. This habit appears to be most common among taxi drivers. Essentially this habit involves a sudden loss of speed followed in quick succession by a burst of acceleration which is repeated. Utilising this habit will dramatically increase fuel consumption whilst also contributing to break wear. Additionally it can also be extremely dangerous as driving using this habit often leaves no margin for error.

Habit Number Two: Delayed Lane Change

This habit consists of drivers changing lane at the last moment. This can be observed most readily at motorway junctions. This habit can be especially harmful and dangerous for cyclists. This is because drivers using this habit often look quickly into their rear view mirror before swinging sharply across the lane. In this small space of time the chances of the driver seeing a cyclist or a scooter are minimal.

Habit Number Three: Pushing In

This habit is essentially where a driver takes it upon themselves to pull out into in front of traffic, causing other drivers to have to break for them. This habit can be most easily observed at junctions, exits and motorway lane changing.

Habit Number Four: A Failure to Keep Left Unless Overtaking

This is perhaps the most annoying of the habits included in this list. The widespread inability of many drivers to conform to the keep left unless overtaking rule, transforms many three lane motorways into two lane roads. Which causes the vast volume of traffic passing through these motorways to slow and increases the risk of accident.

The Highway Code of the United Kingdom clearly states that drivers should, “always drive in the left hand lane when the road ahead is clear. If you are overtaking a number of slower-moving vehicles, you should return to the left hand lane as soon as you are safely past.”

Driving for prolonged periods of time in either the middle or the right hand lane causes traffic to back up and is a major contributing factor to tailgating. This habit is also a major contributing factor to undertaking.

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