The Worst Scratches To Befall Your Classic Car

Irrespective of how severe a particular scratch is, seeing their appearance on the bodywork of your classic car is an infuriating and upsetting experience. Scratches are not only ugly; they can also have a negative impact on the financial value of your car. What makes the impact of scratches worse is the fact that if they are left they will often result in further damage to your classic car, as the bodywork is now open to both moisture and corrosion.

We are going to explore the worst scratches that can befall your classic car and the best remedial action to take in each instance.

Clear Coat Remedy

This solution is most effective on superficial scratches and is often all that is required. This is because with superficial scratches the actual paint work has not been damaged or compromised. Prior to the application of the clear coat, the car needs to be washed with soapy water and the area around the scratch should be sanded. Be careful when sanding as excessive sanding can actually damage the paintwork.

Primer Remedy

This solution is required on scratches which have gone through the clear coat layer of the paintwork and have exposed the underlying primer. Scratches of the coat can be identified due to the fact that the primer colour will now be observable. In order to rectify scratches of this kind, the exposed primer needs to be recovered. In order to do this, you need to consult the car’s manual in order to find the exact colour match for your vehicle, this will be provided in the form of a numbered colour. Once obtained, purchase some of this colour and use it to perform the primer replacement work.

Paint Remedy

This is by far the worst type of scratch that can befall your classic car. Scratches of this sort mean that the clear coat, primer and the paint have been removed from the vehicle. As a result, the underlying metal has been exposed. With scratches of this nature, if remedial work is not performed quickly then the scratch will invite the formation of rust. Remedial work for this kind of scratch is best performed by a professional. This is due to the fact that botched or inferior quality repair work can still lead to moisture seeming onto the metal of your classic car. Therefore, it is highly advisable that you take your car to a dedicated body shop for the repair work of scratches of this kind.

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